Theraphosidae, Avicularia sp.

Subfamily: Aviculariinae

Possibly this is a new species of arboreal tarantula, 
very similar to Avicularia rickwesti.
Both species are in a dubious genus along with
Avicularia laeta from Puerto Rico.
This species have a particular habit, the juveniles lives together,
then separate from each other, probably before sexual maturity.

Juveniles between 2nd and 3rd instar 

Juvenile 6th instar, 22mm

Adult Female 32mm


Daboia Enyo said...

Great blog and Job !
Congratulations !


Tony Tosto said...

Thank you very much !

Anonymous said...

Are they poisonous? I found 3 dead ones along a 10 mile stretch while walking in the DR.

Antonio Tosto said...

They are poisonous but only for small animals.

ericmarshall81 said...

They had some huge spiders on the mango plantation

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Tosto I hope you are doing well. I never knew you could speak and type in english go figure. There are tarantulas where I live but there is only one species, they are locally abundant in some areas. I am curious about the Santo Domingo Goliath tarantula have you ever seen one ?

Antonio Tosto said...

Thanks for your comments.. There isn´t a real goliath tarantula in DR, but all species from the genus Phormictopus (9 species) are large, body about 9cm with a legspan of 23cm.