Into the caves of the East Region.

The first spider it's a beautiful species wide spread

throughout the tropics of the world but it's the first 

one I found in all these years of research. 
Zosis geniculata from the family Uloboridae. 
It's about 7 mm in body lenght, 18 mm with legs. 
The male it's extremely small, only 2 millimeters. 

Next spider it was a big surprise and emotion, other new
discovery, a small member of the family Segestriidae,
probably from the genus Ariadna.
Unfortunately I didn't find any male. This female it was only 8 mm.

The last spider it's the Loxosceles caribbaea from the
family Sicariidae. The female reach 8 mm and the male 6 mm,
both sexes have the same color.
They are very dangerous to humans for their strong venom.