Sparassidae, Olios antiguensis

Females 20mm, males 12mm, with over 9 cm legspan.
I have found this species for the first time in 1989.
They live inside the leaves of big trees and have nocturnal habits.

Segestriidae, Ariadna sp.

This is a new species that I recently discovered, the third species
of this family,very rare and probably still undescribed.
They are very small, only 4 to 6mm and they live on the ground
in a small tunnel covered with silk.


Lycosidae, Agalenocosa bryantae

These small spiders live near water, in ponds, rivers and streams.
They can run over the water very fast and hide under the surface,
like fishing spiders from the family Pisauridae and Ctenidae. 
The size is about 13mm for the females and 10mm for the males.

Female preparing the eggsac

Theraphosidae, Cyrtopholis sp. Undetermined.

Family: Theraphosidae
Subfamily: Theraphosinae
Genus: Cyrtopholis

This burrowing tarantula is very aggressive.
The color pattern is beautiful, very soft.
They have legs a little longer than the other species of the same genus.
The size of this female is about 40mm for the body and 100mm in legspan.