The spiders from this family are called brush-footed trapdoor spiders, 
they dig tubelike burrows, completely lined with silk, 
then they build the trapdoor with silk and debris. 
Sometime they have more than one entrance. 
When they feels the vibration of a passing prey they rushes out, 
capture the prey and come back to the tube quickly .
Only the subfamily Trichopelmatinae is present on the island with two
genera, Trichopelma and Psalistops.

Trichopelma sp. 1 - Immature

Trichopelma sp. 2 - Immature
Trichopelma sp.3 - Female

Psalistops sp. 1 - Female
Psalistops sp. 1 - Male

Psalistops sp. 2 - Female

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